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Recruitment process: the key to the ITO service success

Certainly a company's success, beyond the individual work, depends on a set of efforts, actions and decisions by different factors, efforts and actions in sync under a defined vision and objectives. Hence, it is easy to deduce that having the ideal people on your side to carry out these tasks is paramount. Coming from that premise is that Pertec Global Services has perfected, for more than 10 years, its recruitment process with the best practices, since we are aware of the importance of identifying key personnel who will provide the service of outsourcing that our client has trusted upon us. A successful recruitment implies more than the attainment of random steps; it is vital that there is a structurization that includes the formalization and documentation of the process, resources, achievements and even risks. It must be an objective and measurable process, characteristics that our team knows and brings into practice, since it is constantly audited and is working with the company towards the achievement of ISO 9001.

It is because of the skills we have that we have the courage of contradicting many authors who propose that the recruitment and selection process start with the posting of the vacancy, since as it is observed, there are many steps previous to this action. An example of this -and a paramount stage in the process- is the deep comprehension of the profile of the position on the side of the recruiter; previous to the posting of the vacancy, the formal requirements, soft skills, functions and even the social and work environment the applicant might be joining in should be known. It is because of this that our team not only has a specific specialization in recruitment and selection techniques and experience in the area, but also knowledge of the IT industry, allowing it to grasp the complexity of the different positions of this area and the situation in the job market, therefore becoming an advisor of our clients in the search of the required personnel. In addition to what was presented previously, a recruitment team must define and select, and even build, from their expertise and the client’s needs, the evaluation and interview tools that are necessary to identify the best offerers. It is because of this that our team selects the specific tests to apply for each vacancy, creates particular interviews according to the position’s competencies and is pleased to state that it has its own language evaluation process, extensively revised and put-to-use, which has allowed us to meet the highest expectations of important multinationals.

The previous elements (experience, structurization, knowledge of the IT area and evaluations) give the team the possibility of identifying which are the best channels and ways to attract the talent, with the use of sources and strategies of great value, current and with the backing of experience, which enables the company to provide a quick and effective response to the clients.

At the beginning of this article, it was stated that a company’s success involves the knowledge, intiatives and efforts of many people that share a common mission and vision. In Pertec Global Services, many actors, through the years, have allowed the creation, improvement and maturement of our recruitment process, with the purpose of delivering a quality service. Therefore, we have the courage to state that this service is key in the success of the outsourcing services that we provide to our clients.

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