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We are experts in the analysis and implementation of infrastructure solutions. We have the capability of inspection, resolution and monitoring of hybrid, on premise and cloud environments.

Our service offers:

  • Analysis of necessities and proper infrastructure design. In migration projects, we look for efficiency changes that are generally possible to do previous to the cloud model design. With this, your organization receives:

    • An increase of the value that is delivered to your organization, due to the infrastructure adhering to the requirement, according to the technical solution design.

    • Savings on infrastructure and management, because of implementation based strictly on the necessity, eliminating inefficiencies that reduce value.

    • Maximization of your budget, thanks to the possibility of making a cost-benefit comparison of the proposed model vs on-premise or hybrid options.

    • Multiple possibilities, such as Platform as a Service (PaaS), Software as a Service (SaaS) and Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS)

  • Testing lab with the adequate characteristics to validate the real behavior of the proposed design and give the client security regarding the suitability of the solution.

  • Infrastructure provisioning and change management speed in the operation, which benefits the client, since it:

    • Solves their necessities immediately

    • Starts early immediate recovery of investment

    • Shows a great response capability to changing requirements

  • Additional services for recovering in case of breakdown (Site Recovery), Information Back Up (Azure Backup) and others.

  • All different levels of security that may be required, according to the apps and protected information.

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