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Free up all the capability of collaboration contained in your company

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Give your company all the collaborative power that remains contained in it. With the area analysis and the exploitation of tools that make collaboration easier, such as SharePoint, MS Teams and others, will enable new capabilities in all processes, from the simplest to those with medium-high complexity.

If your organization already has SharePoint and does not use it, does not use it enough or is interested in taking better advantage from it, we have the capability to support you.

Our service provides:

  • Automation in SharePoint from simple tasks, such as notifications and approvals, to elaborate operating flows. With the Sharepoint lists and libraries you receive:

    • High investment recovery, when using a low cost tool to generate digital experiences, enriched with forms, work flows and personalized applications.

    • Speed of internal site and portal implementation with specific content

    • Speed of corporate forms implementation for information collection.

    • Security in the access per department or collaborator according to desired configuration

    • Collaboration, continuity and resilience thanks to the safe and shared storage of corporative information

  • Licensing of Microsoft and Adobe, products used by the industry to accelerate the collaboration and efficiency of their activities.

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